Would you like to add product videos to your WooCommerce gallery?

Videos offer in-depth and captivating demonstrations of your products, enhancing the visual appeal and interactivity of your WooCommerce store.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of seamlessly incorporating product videos into your WooCommerce galleries, step by step.

Why Add Videos to your WooCommerce Product Gallery?

Including product videos in your WooCommerce store allows you to showcase your products with more depth and clarity. This gives customers a better grasp of your product’s features and advantages.

Videos can lead to higher conversion rates, as visitors who watch product videos are 73% more likely to make a purchase.

Moreover, displaying your products in action through video can establish trust and credibility with potential customers, boosting their confidence in making a purchase.

For example, if you sell headphones in your online store, a video that highlights the sound quality and features of the headset can result in increased conversions.

Additionally, incorporating product videos into your WooCommerce galleries can boost your website’s SEO rankings since search engines favor websites with multimedia content, such as videos.

Enhanced visibility in search results can drive more traffic to your store and increase sales.

Now, let’s explore how you can effortlessly add product videos to your WooCommerce galleries.

Method 1: Default WooCommerce Method

By default, you can not add videos to the WooCommerce product gallery. You can, however, still, post self-hosted videos or videos from online platforms on your product pages by using the block editor(content section) of the product page. You can add videos to your products by using the following method:

  • Go to the desired block editor
  • Click on the “Add Media” button
  • Add the Video:
    • For self-hosted videos click on “Upload File”
    • For videos from online platforms click on “Insert from URL”
  • The video will appear in the content section of the product page.

Method 2: Replace WooCommerce Product Image with Featured Video

The WooCommerce Product Video Plugin lets you include videos in your WooCommerce product gallery. Key features of this plugin include:

  • Adding or embedding videos from your uploads or online platforms.
  • Customizing video thumbnails.
  • Adding multiple videos to the product gallery.
  • Selecting from various layouts for video display.

The WooCommerce Product Video plugin improves your online store by enabling you to effortlessly include videos in the WooCommerce product gallery, helping customers make well-informed buying choices.

You can incorporate the functionality to replace product images with videos in your store by following these steps:


  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and upload the downloaded file.
  3. Click “Install Now” and “Activate” to start the configuration.

Setup and Configuration

After activating the WooCommerce Product Video Plugin, a “Product Video” section will appear under WooCommerce, along with a section for featured videos on the product edit page. The plugin settings can also be found under WooCommerce > Settings > Product Videos.

Adding a Featured Video to a Product

To add a featured video, go to the product edit page and find the “Featured Video” section. Enabling this option will replace the featured image with the featured video. You can adjust the following settings at the product level:

  • Display the featured video on both the shop and product pages.
  • Customize the video thumbnail.
  • Select the type of featured video and provide its URL:
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • Custom Upload

Adding a Featured Video to a Product Gallery

To add videos to the product gallery, navigate to WooCommerce > Product Video. You can view attached videos and manage them by adding, editing, or removing as necessary.

When adding a WooCommerce product gallery video, you can upload or embed it from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Facebook. You can also integrate a specific video with multiple products at once by selecting the desired products.

Upload a Custom Gallery Thumbnail

You can add a custom thumbnail to the WooCommerce product gallery video. If a specific thumbnail isn’t provided, the default red video icon will serve as the video’s thumbnail.

Supported Formats for a Video

The Product Video plugin supports a range of video formats, including:

  • MP4
  • MKV
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • FLV
  • WMV

If you encounter a less common video format not currently supported, you can contact us after purchasing the plugin, and we will add support for that format at no extra cost.


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