Dr. Armen Gregorian, MD

Dr. Armen Gregorian, MD

Experience top-tier colorectal treatment with Dr. Armen Gregorian, MD, your committed colorectal surgeon in Glendale. Specializing in a comprehensive range of colorectal conditions, Dr. Gregorian and his team offer expert diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care. Whether seeking relief from discomfort or requiring specialized surgical interventions, this Glendale colorectal doctor’s clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest medical advancements. Services extend from preventative screenings to advanced surgical procedures, emphasizing patient-centered care. Trust your health to a leading Glendale colorectal surgeon, where excellence in medical care meets a commitment to improving patients’ quality of life. Visit Dr. Armen Gregorian, MD, for unparalleled colorectal healthcare services.


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