If you are an expatriate working in Dubai and want to bring your family members to live with you, you will need to obtain a Dependent Visa for Dubai. A dependent visa allows your spouse, children, and in some cases, parents or domestic workers, to legally reside in the UAE under your sponsorship.

Types of Dependent Visas in Dubai 

There are several categories of dependent visas available in Dubai:

Spouse Visa: This visa allows your legally married spouse to live with you in Dubai. You must provide a marriage certificate and other documents.

Child Visa: Children under 18 years old are eligible for a child-dependent visa sponsored by their father or mother working in Dubai. An unborn child can also be sponsored after birth.

Parent Visa: Residents can sponsor resident visas for their parents or parents-in-law over age 60, subject to minimum income requirements.

Domestic Worker Visa: Those with high income can sponsor visas for domestic workers like nannies, cooks, drivers or housekeepers.

Requirements for Dependent Visa 

The key requirements to sponsor dependents include:

  • You must be a Dubai resident with an existing employment visa
  • Meet minimum income levels set by GDRFA (often 4000-5000 AED plus housing)
  • Provide marriage/birth certificates and other documents
  • Purchase Dubai health insurance for sponsored dependents

How to Apply for a Dependent Visa in 2024

 The overall process for obtaining a dependent visa involves submitting documents, visa fees, medical fitness tests and biometrics. Here are the key steps:

  1. Entry permit approval: Apply to get an entry permit approved for your dependent(s) to come to Dubai on a visit/tourist visa.
  2. Status adjustment: Once in Dubai, submit accommodation proof, and documents and apply to adjust status to a dependent visa.
  3. Medical tests: All applicants must undergo medical fitness tests including HIV, tuberculosis and other tests.
  4. Biometric capture: Fingerprint scanning and a bio data capture process is required to get the visa issued.
  5. Stamping & fees: The visa will be stamped once all checks are cleared and fees are paid based on visa duration.

The application process can be complex, so many people use a Dubai PRO service to handle the paperwork and processes. Make sure you have all the required documents in order.


In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of a dependent visa is crucial for individuals seeking to join their family members living abroad. With various types available, including spouse visas, child visas, and parent visas, applicants have options that cater to their specific circumstances. When applying for a Family Residence Visa in the UAE in 2024, it is important to carefully follow the guidelines and provide all necessary documentation to ensure a smooth process. By staying informed and prepared, individuals can navigate the application process with confidence and reunite with their loved ones in the UAE. Make sure to start your application early and seek professional assistance if needed to make the process as seamless as possible. Get started on your journey towards obtaining a dependent visa today.

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