Australian Home Brewing

Australian Home Brewing

Since our establishment in Melbourne in 1968, we proudly hold the esteemed title of the world’s first dedicated home brewing company. Our journey began in a humble garage in Hughesdale, Victoria, four years before the legalisation of home brewing in Australia. Initially operating discreetly by supplying wine-making equipment and ingredients, we quickly became a trusted hub for brewing enthusiasts across Melbourne. With legislative changes, our business flourished, and over the decades, we’ve remained at the forefront of the home brewing revolution, continuously expanding our range of ingredients, products, and recipes to cater to the diverse tastes of brewers nationwide.
Today, headquartered in Oakleigh South, we continue to serve brewing enthusiasts with a comprehensive range of products, including starter kits, recipe kits, brewing ingredients and equipment, wine-making equipment, and bottling equipment, both online and through our physical store. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is unwavering, evident in our reliable, secure, and prompt shipping services, along with our hassle-free returns policy. We prioritise peace of mind for our valued customers, offering a seven-day return window for unused products. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to ensure a seamless experience at every step of your brewing journey.


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