“Erodex has been a prominent global supplier and manufacturer of high quality EDM components since 1983. With years of experience, the company offers an extensive range of products including electrodes, filtration systems, wire guides & trolleys, nozzles and other related consumables to meet all your EDM needs.

Erodex began its journey in England’s West Midlands as Kincast Ltd back in 1983 providing metal cutting tools for industrial sectors from aerospace to automotive engineering. Over time Erodex took over Kincast operations eventually becoming one of the first specialist producers dedicated solely to producing the highest grade electrodes for precision electrical discharge machining (EDM). This marked a pivotal moment that changed how electroding was done forever with non-standard designs being created quickly while still remaining accurate along any given axis with repeatable results every single time.

In 2008 Erodex moved into what is now their new state-of-the art manufacturing facility such had expanded machine shop capabilities which enabled them to produce multiple types and sizes based on customer specifications even faster than ever before! Fast forward 17 years later where they are proudly making strides towards enhancing efficiency through modern 3D printing technologies often creating custom made parts or complete assemblies according to individual project needs quicker than could be achieved during traditional methods – further cementing their position at forefront technology within industry today!”

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