If you’re interested in golf clothing, visit Glenmuir. Our store specialises in selling golf clothing since 1891, and ever since, has been a leader in the space with an emphasis on heritage, luxury and comfort. We’re a family-owned and operated business where each and every of its golf clothing pieces is conceived, created and crafted with passion, enthusiasm and utmost care.

Nowadays, our brand is extremely proud to be retailed in luxury golf resorts across the globe which is proof of its product quality, durability and versatility. Glenmuir strives to keep up with the time, so it continuously improves its technologies and product quality and range in order to meet the needs for playing the game in different climates. And on top of that, we’ll help players golf in style. With our large selection of products, you can choose from both men’s and women’s shirts, overlayers, sweaters and accessories. You even have the opportunity to choose from coordinated golf outfits coming from our latest collections.. So why don’t you visit this gem of a store and dive into its amazing range of products made of quality and breathable fabrics?! After all Glenmuir has been trusted by golfers since 1891.


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