GP Concrete Coatings

GP Concrete Coatings

GP has over two decades of experience and has completed thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial painting and floor coating projects. The knowledge we have gained throughout the years has helped us approach every project with detail from the initial bid to the completion of the project. We taught ourselves to put ourselves in the client’s shoes and understand what they want from start to finish, which is clarity, communication, quality, and efficiency in the completion of the scope of work. It has been a tremendous help in learning how to deliver quality workmanship, and professional services to every client we work with. Communication is the foundation of success when working with clients. Being on the same page and having clarity on expectations helps GP provide a clear scope of work that we specifically design (or follow if provided) for every project. The end goal is to have a quality completion of work that is aesthetically pleasing, lasts for years, and protects the surfaces.

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