Kuko TCM Aesthetic

Kuko TCM Aesthetic

“One of the most unique brands on the market today is Kuko, which has its own legendary story.
Unlike typical aesthetic techniques, Kuko was created by its founder Aili, who is constantly exploring the limitless possibilities of beauty. Aili is a beauty expert and a senior teacher at a American beauty academy. She has been taking care of her skin since the age of 18 and has been committed to studying skin care, maintaining excellent skin condition. However, at the age of 40, Aili still found that her face was sagging and aging, which left her perplexed.
So Aili started researching with her team, analyzing facial muscles, facial expressions, facial meridians, and acupoints. Eventually, they developed a set of pure traditional Chinese aesthetic techniques. In 2018, Kuko was born in Singapore.”

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