Premier Industrial Magnet Supplier Online | Rochester Magnet

Premier Industrial Magnet Supplier Online | Rochester Magnet

Rochester Magnet is a magnet provider and manufacturer that can provide you with custom magnets made to your project’s exact specifications. As your magnet specialist, we can produce:

Magnetic Strips and Sheets: Sturdy magnets with a variety of pole configurations, thicknesses, pole directions, and bespoke shapes are available.
Printable Magnets and Digital Prints: A cheap technique to promote the details of your company. Available in rolls and sheets, both magnetized and unmagnetized.
Adhesive Tapes and High Bond Tapes: available with double-bonded or clear adhesive in foam, rubber, and acrylic variants.
Neodymium and Rare Earth Magnets: Strong, adaptable, and specially-designed magnets composed of samarium cobalt or neodymium. accessible in ring, disc, and block shapes.
Magnetic Assemblies: Robust and reasonably priced magnet assemblies suitable for refrigerators, automobile uses, speakers, and motors.
AlNiCo & Ceramics: robust non-rare-earth cast and sintered magnets that don’t melt under intense heat.

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