Thingsup is low code IoT platform that helps developers to save their development time and cost, not to worry about deployment and Build Awesome IoT applications.

Thingsup Track is a Supply chain monitoring platform built using Thingsup IoT platform. Thingsup track helps supply chain logistic companies in Supply chain management, Cold chain monitoring, Temperature monitoring, Remote Asset monitoring, Refer VAN monitoring, Cold storage rooms monitoring.

Thingsup track’s advanced Temperature analytics helps customers to save their supply chain losses, optimize the operations, and real-time monitoring of Supply chain KPIs Thingsup track helps customers to monitor the supply chain and logistics KPI’s like Temperature, Humidity, Door position, Energy consumption across the supply chain. Perishable supply chain monitoring helps customers to track and improve the shelf life of the perishable goods.

Thingsup track is widely used in the Dairy, Food and beverages, e-groceries, seafood industry. Launched in 2020 by parent company iobot, thingsup have users from all across the globe.


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